Fall is here August 22 2015

Every year, fall fashions roll out when it is still hot outside. Our minds are fixed on cooler days and also the return of school and fall festivities to come. däv has some amazing new styles for fall. Many have the option to roll up and fit neatly in your bag. As crazy weather hits our country, it is nice to have a pair of all weather boots tucked away in a bag for surprise showers. We live in California where it is dry -- but when it rains it pours! Mud slides and flash floods occur here in the Golden State. We are always grateful for our dav boots which are ready for whatever Mother Nature brings our way.

Below, our Weston boot, rolls up and stows away for travel or a storage in a bag. Pop the boot up and it is a gorgeous, fabric covered boot with a soft lining. I has a waterproof membrane sandwiched between the comfortable fabric layers. It is waterproof all the way to the knee.