Road tripping TALES FROM OUR CANADA ROADTRIP! May 19 2017

Spring Travels and the Coquihalla

Canada is an incredible country for travel. Some of the most gorgeous places on earth are in Canada. It is also home to some pretty serious weather shifts, so you have to be fashion-weather-ready at all times.

Dave and I are travelers. We go all over the world and carry massive sets of luggage with samples, trade show décor and more. We are always struggling with how to take our personal clothes and boots, when we are so weighed down with work items.

Recently, I put some of our best däv rain travel styles to the test. I chose from our travel collection and packed each style in a carry-on with my week’s wardrobe. It was amazing how well the boots packed and then performed wherever we went.

I set out from Vancouver toward Kelowna and found myself white-knuckled on the Coquihalla Highway. That was crazy, fun, terrifying and gorgeous. I had a light jacket in Vancouver, and then I found myself in zero degree temps and blinding snow. I was really glad that I had my däv boots and what a great chance to test them!

I loved visiting BC and can’t wait for my next trip to Alberta! Thank you Canada – we love you. Kerri, co-founder of däv

dav rain boots packed nicely in a small suitcase

Packed my däv Glasgow boots, fav scarf and Emerson hat :)

dav rain boots trip on Coquilhaha

Surprise, I found myself on the Coquihalla! Crazy drive but sooo beautiful.

dav rain boots at The Bay in Langley BC

A little stop to say Hi to The Bay at Langley, BC--hello cute däv boot display for Spring